Friday, March 15, 2013

FBI's Special Surveillance Group

FBI has an army of people who conduct surveillance in counterintelligence and counterterroism operations.  I am the subject of an FBI counterintelligence operation.  FBI's Special Surveillance Group calls themselves "Gs", I refer to them as a Gang and Garbage.  FBI's Gang operate like street thugs, they infiltrate commercial establishments from Bestbuy to Gamestop to LA Fitness, posing as regular employees.  In addition to their "deep cover" thugs working at retail establishments, FBI's G's conduct foot and vehicular surveillance.

For more information on FBI's Gs, see NC Militia's Spy&Counterspy website. NC Militia's Spy & Counterspy has useful information on FBI surveillance and tactics, it is not the complete story and my operations are different from those described on NC Militia's site.  For example NC Militia describes operations where FBI has up to 30 agents following a target, FBI's surveillance operation against me is much larger.  FBI has hundreds (my estimate) of agents working my operation in Arizona, FBI follows me each time I leave my house and I have a dedicated FBI surveillance apparatus on the Dobson Ranch Golf Course in my backyard.  FBI is conducting a counterintelligence operation in my case and FBI uses more thugs in National Security operations than average criminal investigations.

Here is an FBI propaganda article from NPR on FBI's Special Surveillance Group: FBI's Surveillance Team Reveals Tips and Tricks of the Trade. FBI's G's are selected because they look like ordinary people, according to the FBI. However, FBI has intentionally departed from the demographics of the areas it has targeted me, in Atlanta suburbs and the Phoenix area, making FBI's "ordinary" thugs stand out.  In Mesa, AZ, FBI has significantly increased the Black male population in a city where the Black population is only 3.5%.  My FBI videos and pictures document FBI's intentional breaks with reality and demographics in Arizona and Georgia.

I began filming/documenting FBI's Black male thugs in Arizona in response to their continued harassment operations against me. In Georgia I focused on documenting FBI's Black male thug centered interracial couples FBI stalked me with, FBI has stalked me w/these couples in Arizona too at a higher rate than in Georgia.

For more information on Surveillance I recommend reading Surveillance Countermeasures by AMC IV Security Services.  FBI frequently violates the rules of professional surveillance, but AMC IV's book will give you a foundation on how surveillance operations typically unfold.

I will give examples of FBI's departures from surveillance rules throughout this blog as I post FBI pictures and videos. FBI's harassment operation against me has been a large scale departure from standard professional and sophisticated surveillance operations.  FBI's utmost goal is to harass me, FBI has damaged National Security repeatedly to achieve this goal, I will document FBI's abusive surveillance harassment operations with this blog.


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  2. Thanks for the post! Have you seen them on the road while driving? One of their usual tactics I notice is when you're driving down the road and the cars behind you form a line and start to slow down. This happens as the cars in front speed up. Suddenly, you're on the road with no other cars around for one to two hundred yards. This means they are probably watching you with a drone or helicopter overhead as well. But you'll never see them because they stay between the target and the sun making it impossible to see them. Just a midget from my past year(s) under surveillance. P.S. Have you had a minor car accident that required your car to stay overnight at a bodyshop? If so, did you notice any hesitation in the acceleration of your engine when starting from a complete stop? Just asking.

  3. This is Cointelpro 2.0. Theses stasis tactics include gang stalking, use of direct energy weapon's, gas lighting, slander campaigns. The targets world collapses and many are innocent Americans. These programs are ran out of Fusion Centers with help from Infragard and DoD contractors. Americans are being slow killed by Americans on American soil.

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