Friday, March 22, 2013

FBI Black Male Thug Operations 12/20/2012

FBI launched its standard Black male thug operation when I went to CVS on Dobson and Southern Roads to have a passport photo taken.  I encountered FBI Black male thugs on the street, on my way to CVS and on my way home.  On my way to CVS, FBI had a Black male thug walking a girl child prop, I did not take a photo of this FBI thug operation.

I went to CVS and took a passport photo, I did not purchase the photo.  When I left CVS to go home, I shot a picture of an FBI Black male thug standing near Mesa Community College (MCC), the pictures is posted below.  FBI does not let me leave home without having at least one of its Black male thugs in my path (either in a car or walking on the sidewalk, often both), if not for FBI, I would  have got to CVS and seen no Black men, standard for Mesa, Arizona.

Later that day, I went outside to complete questions on my application for Social Security Disability Insurance.  Shortly after I tweeted I was going outside, FBI sent an older Black male thug past my house with a remote control Golf Bag.  FBI's Black male thug had assaulted me on the Dobson Ranch Golf Course the previous day, did this stop FBI from conducting its Black male thug Dobson Ranch Golf Course operation, of course not. FBI's mission above anything else, is to conduct a sexist and racist operation against me, FBI will blow covers and damage national security to accomplish its harassment goals.

FBI Black Male Thug on corner of Dobson & Southern at MCC

FBI OG Black Male Thug Golfer Photo I

FBI OG Black Male Thug Golfer Photo II

FBI OG Black Male Thug Golfer Photo III

FBI OG Black Male Thug Golfer Photo IV

FBI OG Black Male Thug Videos:

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