Wednesday, March 20, 2013

FBI Black Male Thug Tempe Market Place Operation

On December 7, 2012 I went to Barnes and Noble at Tempe Market  Place to purchase You are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren.  I went to Tempe Market Place on a weekday afternoon, FBI's Black male thugs followed me, in FBI's typical break from the demographic reality of the area.  I spent a few minutes browsing books at Barnes and Noble and while I was in line at the cash register, I spotted FBI's first Black male thug.  On an ordinary weekday afternoon, I wouldn't see any Black men at the Barnes and Noble in Tempe, AZ, with FBI following me, I got multiple FBI Black male thug ops.

Tempe Market Place is a favorite FBI spot for stalking me with Black male and White female thug couples.  On my trip to Arizona for a relative's funeral from August to September 2012, each time I went to Tempe Market Place, FBI had several of its Black male and White female thug couples in place and on my path.

One Friday evening in September I went to the Barnes and Noble at Tempe Market Place, FBI stalked me there with a Black male and Latina thug couple.  When I walked from Barnes and Noble to Gamestop, FBI had several of its Black male and White female couples seated listening to an evening concert.

On a separate trip to Tempe Market Place in September, FBI also stalked me with several Black male and White female thug couples. On this trip, I encountered FBI's Black male & White female when I left Barnes and Noble to walk to Gamestop.  FBI had a short Black male thug in a muscle shirt/tank top (also known as a wife-beater) walking hand in hand with an FBI White female thug.  I did not encounter any FBI thug couples at Gamestop, but FBI had 2 more in place at Best Buy.  FBI's Best Buy Black male and White female thug couple walked in ahead of me, on my way to the game section, I passed them and confirmed, they were an FBI thug couple.  I encountered FBI's 2nd Best Buy Black male and White female thug couple were in the electronics section as I was leaving the store.  Next, I went to Target, FBI had a White female thug with a Black child prop, the child looked of East African descent.

Without FBI's presence I would not have encountered any of these Black male thug centered interracial couples during my September trip to Tempe Market Place, it is likely I would not have seen any Black men at all.  FBI has intentionally changed the demographics of the East Valley to conduct their harassment surveillance operations against me.

I do not have any picture from my September trips to Tempe Market Place.  I did not institute my policy of filming FBI's harassment operations until I returned to Arizona in December of 2012.  The following photos and video are from my December 7, 2012 trip to Tempe Market Place.  I bought You Are Your Own Gym so I could continue my exercise regimen after FBI revoked my LA Fitness membership in retaliation for me documenting their race and gender based harassment operations against me.  FBI would not let me buy my at home exercise book without conducting a Black male thug centered harassment operation.

FBI had several Black male thugs at Tempe Market Place on December 7, 2012, I was unable to film them all.  FBI also had Black male thugs along my route home, at least one with a child by a non-Black woman, another FBI stalking trend.  FBI had a Black male thug bus driver in front of the Albertson's on Dobson and Baseline, I encountered 2 more FBI Black male thugs while driving 1 block along Baseline, one turning out of Albertson's in a Black Chrysler 300 and another drove up next to me in an SUV on Baseline, in front of Albertson's Supermarket.  FBI has continued its intentional break with the demographic norms of Mesa-Chandler-Tempe area throughout my stay, inserting its Black male thugs everywhere I go.

FBI Black Male Thug Outside Barnes and Noble Tempe Market Place

FBI Black Male Thug and Child Prop by Non-Black Woman Tempe Market Place 

FBI Black Male Thug #3 Tempe Market Place

FBI Black Male Thug w/Toy Store Sign outside Tempe Market Place

FBI Black Male Thug Holding Toy Sign outside Tempe Market Place Photo

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