Sunday, March 24, 2013

FBI Thug Operations 12/27/2012

On December 27, 2012, I went to a morning showing of Les Miserables at the Harkins at Chandler Fashion Square Mall, as always, FBI's harassment team followed me there.  On my way to pick up my nieces and nephews, I spotted FBI's first Black male thug walking past the lake at the Dobson Ranch Park.  There are few Black people who live on the Dobson Ranch, under FBI surveillance, FBI Black male thugs are everywhere.

I encountered FBI's second Black male thug I filmed, on Dobson Rd. near 8th Ave. I turned the corner and FBI had its 3rd Black Male thug walking on 8th Ave. towards Dobson Rd. On this day, FBI's Black male thugs were conducting a Trayvon Martin style hoodie operation to protest me detecting and filming them.   FBI's Trayvon Martin operation is an insult to the memory of Martin, FBI's Black male thugs and collaborator constantly try to  make a statement about me targeting them based on race, when FBI has conducted an operation against me based on my race and gender, me being a Black woman.

My niece drove us to the movie, on our way, I spotted an FBI Black and White male thug in an SUV driving next to us, FBI's thugs were dressed in Marine uniforms.  FBI then stalked me into Les Miserables, after we were seated, FBI sent a Black and White male thug to sit in our row, on the side my nephews were sitting. I was not in the mood to deal with FBI's harassment in my row at the movie theater and left in disgust, my niece and nephews stayed and watched Les Miserables.

I went to pick up my victim's report from Mesa Police Department Headquarters in downtown Mesa while I waited for the movie to end.  FBI stalked me to the Mesa Police Department Headquarters with Black male thugs, on almost every corner, in a city with a 3.5% Black population.  FBI always has these blatant, intentional departures from reality with their Black male thug harassment operations, harassing me at Harkins was not satisfactory for FBI's Special Surveillance Garbage.

I went to the Mesa Public Library and FBI stalked me with its Black male thugs inside and outside the library.  I drove around downtown Mesa and uncovered an FBI base of operations, the Marriott   FBI had a Black male thug standing outside the hotel next to an FBI tour bus with Utah license plates.  FBI is always willing to reveal its operational methods to have its Black male thugs in my path.

I will not recount each FBI Black male thug operation in this Blog post, the pictures posted below tell the story.  When I returned to pick up my niece and nephews from Harkins theater, FBI had a Black male thug waiting in line, FBI insists on placing its Black male thugs in my path wherever I go, and will blow covers, damage national security, to accomplish their harassment objective.

FBI Thug Slideshow 12/27/2012

FBI Black Male & Female Thug Couple Target Longmore & Southern Mesa, AZ

FBI Black Male Thug Harkins Theater

FBI Black Male Thug Harkins Theater Parking Lot A

FBI Black Male Thug Harkins B

FBI Black Male Thug Harkins Chandler Fashion Square

FBI Black Male Thug Dobson & 8th Ave.

FBI Black Male Thug Back Shot East Mesa

FBI Black Male Thug Approaching 8th Ave. I

FBI Black Male Thug Approaching 8th Ave. II

FBI Black Male Thug w/Bike Mesa Public Library

FBI Black Male Thug Extension Road

FBI Black Male Thug Bus Driver, Marriott Downtown Mesa

FBI Black Male Thug Post Office Downtown Mesa

FBI Black Male Thug on Bike Downtown Mesa

FBI Tour Bus Marriott Downtown Mesa

FBI Marine Black & White Male Thugs Loop 101 South

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