Tuesday, March 26, 2013

FBI Thug Operations 12/29/2012

FBI launched its usual Black and White Male Thug Dobson Ranch Golf Course operations on December 29, 2012.  In the evening, I went to my friend's apartment for a BBQ, on my route to my friend's FBI launched what I call its child soldier/suicide bomber operation. FBI had a Black boy and Latina girl position on Dobson Road, FBI has a habit of placing Black boys in my path, in "diverse" situation, in addition to their Black male thugs.  As I continued on Dobson Road, an FBI Black male and White female thug couple drove up behind me, I paused at the stoplight before the entrance to US60 and let FBI's thugs pass me so I could film their license plate.  FBI frequently stages its Black male and White female thug driving up behind me op. An FBI Black male thug drove out of a parking space after I entered parking lot of my friend's apartment complex, I filmed his license plate.

After I arrived at my friend's apartment, while we were talking I showed my friend to pictures I shot of FBI's thug team earlier in the day.  My friend looked at my pictures and recognized FBI's Black and White male thugs, they had gone to her workplace in the morning before golfing past my house on the Dobson Ranch Golf Course.

My friend said FBI's Black male thugs were dressed differently when they went to her workplace, FBI's older Black male thug was wearing a jaguar necklace.  FBI's White male thug went to my friends workplace separately from the Black male thugs and friend said he faked a facial tick. FBI's White male thug wore the same shirt to my friends workplace he wore on the Golf Course.  Friend works at a food establishment and FBI's thugs purchased food at friend's workplace, their cover for being there.

Later that evening, my friend, her son and I went to the 7-11 on Dobson Rd. and 8th Ave.  I gave my friend and her son background on FBI's thug operations against me, my friends son decided to film FBI with his mother's camera on our short walk to 7-11.  Soon after we arrived at 7-11, an FBI Black male and White female thug couple walked in an purchased a large container of water, their only purchase.  A few minutes later, another FBI Black male thug entered 7-11, my friend recognized this Black male thug, he had also purchased food at her workplace.

My friend and her son said they spotted a third FBI Black male thug, I did not see or film him.  FBI's deep cover 7-11 White male thug asked me to stop filming his customers as we were leaving 7-11, my friend's son continued recording with his mother's cell phone camera.  FBI's "deep cover" staff routinely harass me for filming their FBI "customers" at retail and food establishments.  On our way back to my friend's apartment, we passed another FBI Black male thug at the corner of Dobson and Emelita Roads.

After our outing, my friend and her son both expressed their disbelief, saying they had never seen anything like that before at the 7-11.  My friend's son commented they only see a few people when they walk to 7-11, Mexicans and Whites in the store and maybe a White or Mexican getting gas, when I was with them, FBI launched its standard Black male and White female thug couple harassment ops and their lone Black male thug op. FBI intentionally deviates from the demographics of surrounding communities to accomplish its objective, a harassment operation based on my gender and race.

FBI 12/29/2012 Slideshow

FBI Black & White Male Thugs Dobson Ranch Golf Course I

FBI Black Male & White Male Thugs Dobson Ranch Golf Course II

FBI Black Male & White Female Thug Couple Car Op

FBI Black Male Thug's Car at Friend's Apartment Complex

FBI Black Male & White Female Thug Couple 7-11 Dobson Rd. & 8th Ave.

FBI Black Male Thug 7-11 Dobson Rd. & 8th Ave.

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