Saturday, March 16, 2013

FBI LA Fitness, College Park, Georgia

I joined LA Fitness in Douglasville, GA in the summer of 2012, I purchased a Nationwide membership plan. FBI had deep cover staff in place at LA Fitness when I joined and FBI immediately commenced its targeted gender and race based operations.  I did not immediately notice FBI's Black male centered interracial couples at LA Fitness in Douglasville, I realized there was a pattern after months of FBI stalking me with these couples. I began working out at LA Fitness in College Park in response to FBI's unprofessional conduct at the Douglasville facility.  FBI Douglasville staged Black male and White female operations and I left this LA Fitness for the College Park facility.  However, FBI had infiltrated LA Fitness College Park and staged the same Black male centered interracial thug couple operations there.  College Park is a predominately Black Atlanta suburb, if FBI were not operating in College Park, I would not have encountered FBI's Black male thug centered interracial couples, FBI's White female thugs, etc.  FBI intentionally alters the demographics of any area it operates in, drawing undue attention to its operations. FBI does this to accomplish its utmost priority, racist and sexist harassment operations against me.

These videos depict FBI's conduct at LA Fitness, culminating with FBI's deep cover LA Fitness manager revoking my LA Fitness membership nationwide.

Links to FBI's LA Fitness revocation letters:

1.  Email from FBI's LA Fitness manager, Kevin Suggs revoking my  LA Fitness membership

2. Letter from LA Fitness confirming membership revocation

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