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FBI Christmas Eve Thug Operations 12/24/2012

On Christmas Eve, December 24, 2012, my niece, nephews and I went to the movies at Chandler Fashion Square Mall, I think we went to see the Hobbit but I'm not sure. FBI considers me going to the movies with my family a provocative action that requires an FBI surveillance harassment response, and this is what I got on Christmas eve, 2012. I did not film any FBI Black male thug on my way to my brother's house to pick up my nieces and nephews and I cannot recall whether I spotted FBI's Black male thugs.

FBI reserved its major harassment operation for after the movie at Harkins Chandler Fashion Square. When we exited the movie theater, FBI had a Black male and female thug couple standing outside near the entrance to Harkins theater. FBI's pattern is consistent, FBI stalks me with Black male thug centered interracial couples and occasionally FBI will include a Black male thug with a Black woman prop. FBI's emphasis is always on FBI's Black male thugs being portrayed in "diverse" situations, FBI dresses up its hateful, sexist, racist ops under the guise of diversity.

 FBI's diversity goes in one direction, FBI's Black male thugs. When FBI includes a Black woman in an operation, its often to support FBI's Black male thug "diversity" ops. I rarely go anywhere and only see Black women, if FBI includes a Black woman in an op, alone or in a couple, there are always more Black male thugs in the area. In Arizona, FBI's portrayal of the Black population is approximately 85% Black men and 15% Black women.

 FBI routinely stalks me with Black male thugs socially, no Black women in sight, I have never gone to a restaurant or bar, while under FBI harassment surveillance, where there were only Black women and no FBI Black male thugs. FBI's Christmas even 2012 harassment op began when I exited the movies with FBI's staged Black male and female thug couple. I consider FBI's use of Black couples harassment because FBI portrays Black women solely as props who accompany their Black male thugs, not independent beings.

 As I stated above, FBI includes its Black male thugs in a range of activities, Black women are largely absent from FBI's Arizona ops and often when they are included, they're used as a Black male thug's prop. My nephew wanted to go to Gamestop after the movie to spend his Christmas money, I agreed and FBI had its Black male thugs and collaborators already in place as we approached the main entrance to Chandler Fashion Square Mall.

 I sighted FBI's second Black male thug harassment op at Kona Grill, FBI's signature operation, Black male and White/other female thugs, a group seated outside. We walked through the food court, I saw an FBI Black male thug with child props seated in my path. Gamestop is located not far from the food court in Chandler Fashion Square mall, FBI flooded Gamestop with Black male thugs, there were one or two Black women in the Gamestop too, supporting their Black male thug ops.

 FBI's Chandler Mall op was a complete departure from the demographics of Chandler Mall, had FBI not been there, most likely my niece, nephew and I would have been the only Black people at Gamestop on Christmas Eve. My nephew did not find the game he was looking for, Dragon Age, at Chandler Fashion Square Gamestop and we decided to go to Fiesta Mall.

My niece drove us to Fiesta Mall, FBI stalked me from Chandler Fashion Square to Fiesta Mall with its Black Male thugs, walking on the sidewalk, driving in cars, always in a prominent position to be sure I observed them.  When we arrived at Fiesta Mall, FBI had its Black male and White/other female thug couples in place and they began streaming out of the mall into the parking lot.  There were too many FBI thug couples for me to film, I filmed at least one inside Fiesta mall, the video is posted below.

In addition to FBI's Black male centered interracial couples, streaming out of Fiesta Mall into the parking lot upon our arrival, FBI had its Black male thugs loitering at the entrance we used to enter Fiesta Mall and inside Fiesta mall, another total departure from the demographics of Mesa.  FBI also had a Black male thug follow us into Gamestop at Fiesta Mall.  If I were not under FBI surveillance, I would not have seen any Black men at Fiesta Mall on Christmas Eve.

FBI stalked my family and I after we left Fiesta Mall, an FBI Black Male Thug pair drove up next to our car on Longmore and Southern, see video posted below.  I did not film anymore FBI Black male thug ops after I dropped my niece and nephew off at my brothers house.

FBI uses any occasion to launch its Lynnae, racist and sexist, harassment operations, Christmas Eve, Holidays are not sacred to FBI's Special Surveillance Garbage, if I go out, FBI's Black male thugs and collaborators will harass me and whoever is with me, including children.

FBI Christmas Eve Slide Show

 FBI Black Male Thug Fiesta Mall

FBI Black Male & White Female Thug Couple Fiesta Mall

FBI Black Male Thug w/Comb in Hair, Fiesta Mall

FBI Black Male Thugs Gamestop, Chandler Fashion Square Video 1

FBI Black Male Thug, Gamestop, Chandler Fashion Square Video 2

FBI Black Male Thugs, Gamestop, Chandler Fashion Square Video 3

FBI Black Male Thugs, Chandler Fashion Square Video 4

FBI Black Male Thugs, Longmore &Southern Outside Fiesta Mall

FBI Black Male & White/Other Female Thugs Chandler Fashion Square

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