Monday, March 18, 2013

FBI Surveillance House Fairburn, GA

This is video of FBI's surveillance house in Fairburn, GA, the house is next door to my parents home in Georgia.  I never saw the FBI couple or kids who "lived" in this house, they did not occupy the house as their primary residence.  Based on my observations, FBI will use a family or individual to give cover to a surveillance house, the family or individual does not  live in the house, it is not their primary residence, their purpose is to shield FBI's surveillance house from scrutiny.  FBI wanted it to appear a family was living in their surveillance house, they introduced themselves to my parents and a family friend, the kids occasionally played outside.  However, FBI's family was rarely seen, I don't know if the couple were married or if this was an FBI arranged marriage.  FBI will pair individuals and have them pose as couples.  The children may belong to one person in FBI's arranged couple and not the other, FBI does this for cover purposes.

Characteristics that helped me confirm neighboring house in Fairburn was FBI, I never saw the neighbors or children playing outside, the blinds were drawn, day and night.  I never saw any activity at the FBI surveillance house, did not seem lived in.  FBI's surveillance house also had a lookout spot, a window over the front of the house.  Surveillance teams change shifts overnight according to Surveillance Countermeasures by AMC IV Security Services, FBI likely observed this practice with surveillance teams in neighboring house.

FBI had more than the surveillance  house I filmed in my Fairburn, GA neighborhood. Surveillance posts are positioned to observe all exits of the targets house and sometimes view indoor activity according to Surveillance Countermeasures by AMC IV Security Services.

FBI Surveillance House Video #1:

FBI Surveillance House Video #2:

FBI Surveillance House Photo

FBI Surveillance House Window at Night

FBI Surveillance House Holiday Wreath

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