Saturday, March 23, 2013

FBI Thug Operations: Harkins Theater, Chandler Fashion Square 12/23/2012

On December 23, 2012 my nieces, nephews and I went to Harkins Theater at Chandler Fashion Square in Chandler, Arizona.  FBI used my trip to see Red Dawn with my family as an opportunity to launch their Black male centered thug harassment operations.

FBI stalked me with its Black male thugs on my way to pick up my nieces and nephews to go to the movies the morning of December 23, 2012, we also encountered FBI's Black male thugs on our way to Chandler Fashion Square.  After I dropped my nieces and nephews off at their house, FBI stalked me with its Black male and female thug couple on my way home.

At the Harkins Movie theater, Chandler Fashion Square, FBI had two "deep cover" Black male thugs taking tickets, wearing Santa hats.  FBI's deep cover operations are where FBI inserts its thugs into retail, commercial, and other positions, FBI then pose as regular employees.  FBI thug's tax returns, etc. would support their cover, FBI's thugs can pose as anything from a fast food worker to a landscaper.  FBI routinely creates cover companies to support their "deep cover" operations.

FBI's older Black male thug harassed my 4 year old niece as we entered Harkins, asking her her age, then telling her she was too old to be admitted free.  FBI's Black male thug told my niece she had to be 3 years old or younger to be admitted free, I told FBI's thug, then my niece is 3 years old.  FBI's thug said he would  let her in this time, next time she would have to pay.

My 4 year old niece is not big for her age, movie theater workers have never asked her age before, I confirmed this with my brother and sister-in-law.  FBI's Black male thug had a menacing look on his face as he told us my niece was to old for free admission to Harkins theater.

After leaving Harkins Theater, FBI had a White female thug driving a boyish looking Black Male thug  pull up behind the car I was driving.  FBI has launched this and variations of this operation many times.  My brother is married to a White woman and has biracial children, FBI repeatedly launches operations mocking my brother, his family and his children.

FBI did not limit its Black male thug centered harassment operations to my trip to Harkins Theater with my nieces and nephews, FBI continued its Dobson Ranch Golf Course Black and White Male thug Operations on December 23, 2012.

FBI Operations Slide Show 12/23/2012

FBI Black Male Thug Dobson & 8th Ave.

FBI Black Male Thugs Harkin's Theater

FBI Black Male & Female Thugs

FBI Black Male Thug on Bike Riding Past Brother's House

FBI Black & White Male Thug Op Video #1

FBI Black & White Male Thug Op Video #2

FBI Black & White Male Thug Op Video #3

FBI Black & White Male thug Op Video #4

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