Friday, March 22, 2013

FBI Black Male Thug Operations: East Mesa, 12/21/2012

On December 21, 2012 , I went to Mesa Police Department Headquarters in downtown Mesa to request a copy of the police report I filed against the FBI Black male thug who assaulted me at the Dobson Ranch Golf Course on December 19, 2012.  FBI stalked me with its Black male thugs on my way to the Mesa Police Department, at the Main branch of the Mesa Public Library after I requested the police reports, and on my way home.

FBI had its Black male thugs driving around in East Mesa in numbers I would never see, if FBI were not conducting its Black male thug centered harassment operation against me.  In fact, it is highly likely, without FBI's presence in Mesa, I would not have seen a Black man on my trip to downtown Mesa.  Instead, I got multiple FBI cover blowing Black male thug ops, they were driving cars, there was an FBI Black female thug driving a Black male thug, I got sidewalk ops, FBI's favorite, a Black male thug loitering on the corner or outside a convenience store.

FBI stalked me to Mesa Police Department with one of their African Male thugs, he had an accent, I could not identify the country FBI's African American thug is from. FBI employs many naturalized American citizens, African, Hispanic, etc.  FBI's African thug made a threatening gesture and said, "no pics" towards me while I was sitting in my car, a long distance from him, filming his activities. FBI's African thug approached my car, I rolled up my window and drove into the Mesa Police Department parking lot.  FBI's Black male thugs and collaborators always know I'm filming them and now the scenery, or something else, why? Because FBI's thugs follow me on twitter and read my blogs.

I did not take pictures of every FBI Black male thug centered operation I encountered on my way to downtown Mesa December 21, 2012, the pictures and video below are a sample.  I was driving and could not film every FBI Black male thug operation I saw.

FBI's Naturalized American Citizen African Thug I

FBI's Naturalized American Citizen African Thug at my Car Window

FBI's Naturalized American Citizen African Thug Lexus License Plates

FBI Black male & female Thugs w/stroller Prop

FBI Black Male Thug 2nd Floor Mesa Public Library Main Branch

FBI Black Male Thug 1st Floor Mesa Public Library

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