Sunday, March 17, 2013

FBI Atlanta Video

This is a compilation of the videos I shot in the Atlanta area of FBI's black male thug centered interracial couples.  FBI began stalking me with Black male centered interracial couples as soon as I relocated to the Atlanta area.  I did not start filming FBI's Black male centered interracial stalking couples until November 2012, these videos are just a sample of FBI Atlanta's Black male centered "diversity" ops.

FBI Video #1:   Oz Pizza, Fairburn, Georgia, this was FBI's second Black male centered "diversity" op at Oz Pizza in Union City, FBI's first op was a Black male and White female thug.  FBI's first op happened after Oz Pizza mixed up my order and I returned to the store, FBI's Black male and White female thug couple were seated at a booth near the cash register.

FBI Video #2:  Best Buy Douglasville, GA: FBI staged this op after hiding Max Payne 3 Video Game I went to buy at Best Buy in the morning.  FBI's Black male thug assisted by his White male thug supervisor at Best buy hid the game, made me wait several minutes while they searched the back of the store for the game.  FBI was deep cover, posing as Best buy employees at the Douglasville, GA store.  I went home, checked the Best buy Douglasville inventory of Max Payne 3, the game was in stock and I requested it from the store.  My mom and I went back to Best buy in the evening to pick up Max Payne 3, we were sitting in my car (I was talking to my cousin who has also witnessed FBI's ops in Mesa, AZ, cousin's reaction was, another one?) when FBI's Black male and White female couple showed up in the parking lot. FBI had staged a Black male & White female thug couple operation at Walmart, Union City that morning.  

FBI Video #3: FBI staged this Walmart Union City, GA, Black male and White female thug couple operation after I left Best Buy Douglasville, GA (FBI thugs hid Max Payne 3 video game, see above) the morning of November 21, 2012. FBI's Black male thug asks, "did she get it?" in response to me filming their staged op. 

FBI Video #4: FBI Walmart College Park, GA FBI staged this operation after expelling me from LA Fitness, College Park, GA. I filmed three videos of FBI's Black and White male thug couple at Walmart. 

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