Friday, June 21, 2013

Left the US due to FBI harassment: Blog Temporarily on Hold

Thank you for visiting my blog, my 28 posts do not fully tell the story of the harassment, abuse, and intimidation the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has subjected me to over the past two plus years.  I have not blogged since March because I left the United States of America due to FBI's continuing harassment.

See my blog: for more information on my travels in Europe and beyond. I do not know when I will return to the United States, the thought of returning home and being again subjected to FBI's unconstitutional activities is intolerable.  Since I left the US, I have experienced a freedom I have not known in years.  CIA's psychological torture operations began in October 2009. I have not had a break from United States Government sponsored psychological terrorism in almost 4 years, first with CIA, then with FBI in the streets across America.

Imagine living your life with a constant FBI presence, you have committed no crimes, you have done nothing wrong, but they are there 24 hours a day 7 days per week.  Imagine being subjected to FBI harassment, you cannot go to the store, take your nieces and nephews to the movies, look out your window, have quiet time to yourself outside your house.

This has been my life for at least 2 years under FBI's unconstitutional surveillance regime, and FBI is not satisfied to keep its distance, FBI's surveillance is in my face, living next door, working in "deep cover" positions where I shop. FBI enlisted the support of the Mesa Police Department in Mesa, Arizona in its campaign of terror against my family and I.  Mesa PD visited my parents house at least twice while I was in Mesa, my crimes, exercising my constitutional rights and tweeting about them.  The situation was unbearable.

FBI has a "need to know" what wings I order at the local Native New Yorker restaurant, so they installed their agents "deep cover" as waitresses there.  Same at Gamestop, FBI has a "need to know" my gaming preferences, so their agents are there too.  Or how about wanting to get and stay in shape, I could not do that with FBI "deep cover" at LA Fitness and posing as clients working out.  FBI has not limited its operations to passive surveillance to ensure I am not meeting a Russian or Chinese spy, FBI has actively inserted itself into the most private areas of my life.

All of these things let me to take action, to force FBI's hand, to force FBI's operation to be overtaken by events and it worked.  Since I left the United States, I have not encountered FBI's gang stalking, FBI's army is not here, if FBI is watching me it is at a distance, no more "deep cover" FBI working behind the counter in stores, they cannot do that overseas, they do not have the authority, no foreign government would permit it.  I have found peace since leaving the US, I do not like the circumstances I was forced to leave under, but it is what it is, these are things I cannot control.

I will resume my blog sometime in the future, or I may just publish all the stories in book form.  I have enrolled in a Spanish language course beginning in July and if everything goes well, I will continue my studies for a full academic year at Madrid University.  In a year, I should be able to add Spanish Proficiency to my skills category on my resume.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.  I have posted all my FBI videos on youtube, there are a lot of videos, some include the thugs admitting they are FBI agents.  

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  1. President Donald J. Trump Donald J. Trump You need to quit slamming our U.S. Intel Community. If you can't support them, you should not be our President. Example: I've always admired Robert Mueller and appreciate what he is doing for our Country right now. God Bless the people that make up our FBIπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²️ Also, God Bless James Comey
    Heads up! If you see something, say something. πŸ”Ž Thank you πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²️
    Hey everyone, check out the FBI – Federal Bureau of Investigation's YouTube channel ;) πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²️